A kick start to kicking cancer

I have, for many years, been a keen follower of speedway racing. Speedway is that frenetic sport which involves guys on motorcycles racing around an oval dirt track with one foot on the ground. Apart from being an avid follower of this seemingly questionable pastime I have, on a couple of occasions, had a go myself, openly admitting that it was, apart from being somewhat exhilarating, one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

Why, you may ask yourself, am I now telling you this?

In speedway, England’s top rider is a 22-year old guy called Tai Woffinden who rides for Wolverhampton. Tai, who recently won the British Championship, as well as becoming the first English rider in seven years to win a round of the World Championship Grand Prix series, will on Tuesday the 28th of May, set off on a 138 mile cycle ride from Wolverhampton to Cardiff to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This is in memory of his father whom he lost to cancer 3 years ago.

I have, after having lost a number of friends and relatives to cancer in recent years, been inspired to join the crusade to raise more money for this worthwhile cause and, as such, have pledged to donate any profits from book sales this year to Cancer Research UK. So, by buying copies of “The Gateway of Time” and “The Seven Keys of Girithron” (the 3rd book in the series is due out soon), you will be donating to a cause close to the hearts of many.